Smokey & The Bandit Pack

Enola Gaye

Smokey & The Bandit Pack

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The ultimate bang for your buck, this package is only for the big boys out there. With enough smoke and bang to sort out a small army at well discounted prices, get this package before your enemy does!


WP40 x 5

The WP40 is the world’s best-selling smoke grenade. It’s packaged in a compact device, and produces a huge amount of smoke over 90 seconds.


Twin Vent x 2

Unlike other smoke bombs, the Twin Vent emits smoke from both ends of the device creating amazing effects that cannot be achieved with any other product.


Flash 1.0 x 2

It delivers a low bang and white flash that confuses your opponent allowing you time to enter the room and dispose of you newly confused foe.


Flash 3.0 x 2

 Airsoft and Paintball players use this product to divert their opponents attention when they can’t get an aim on them, a simple but very effective product designed to mimic the version used by the military.


All of the smoke bombs in this package have our Wire-Pull® igniter and produce non-toxic smoke. They can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with no training needed. Simply follow the instructions on the device.



*Please note: you will receive an assortment of colours selected at random, not necessarily the colours shown in the image.


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