1-4×20 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope With Mount


1-4×20 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope With Mount

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The Valken 1-4x20 Mil-Dot rifle scope is the ideal compact scope for an airsoft rifle. It has a super-wide field of view and extra-long eye relief for rapid-fire precision. If you are looking for reliable shooting accuracy, the Valken 1-4x20 short dot scope gives you a new level of shooting confidence. Designed for carbines and popular milsim events, it features a bullseye CQB reticle and an extremely large exit pupil for low light performance and a super-wide field of view. The scope is compact and lightweight and comes with a 1-piece offset mount and amber lens caps. It also has 4 power zoom with a 3 MOA dot surrounded by a 20 MOA circle. The adjustable elevation and windage turrets are tool-less, and the reticle has both red or green illumination. We recommend our Valken Sight Protector Kit when using this scope.


Product Features:

  • 4-time zoom and 4.5-5 inches of extra-long eye relief
  • Etched glass CQB reticle: 20moa circle plus 3moa dot
  • Finger adjustable elevation and windage screws
  • Compact and lightweight: 9 1/2inch full length
  • Two colour RED/GREEN illumination when better contrast is needed under low light conditions.
  • High-quality lens give crystal clear view picture of targets
  • 1inch one-piece main body tube


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  • Will this fit a First Strike T15?

    Yes, this will fit on a First Strike T15.