G&G Competition Grade Bio. 0.25g BB's (4000 - 1 Kilo)


G&G Competition Grade Bio. 0.25g BB's (4000 - 1 Kilo)

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G&G - 0.25g Competition Grade 6mm BIO BB's are BB's created by G&G (Guay Guay), who create a range of high quality BB guns and related products, with these BBs being some of the highest quality in the sport. The BBs themselves are specifically designed to be Bio Degradeable, being constructed from Polylactide PLA Polymers to a diameter of 5.95mm with a great tolerance of 0.01mm. The BBs are quick to degrade, taking only 47 days in optimal conditions, and have been tested to ISO standards by Tuv Rheinland. The BBs are White in colour and come in a vaccum sealed bag, which once open can be resealed to hold the BBs inside and protect them from moisture. These BBs are part of G&G's competition grade range, meaning they are of the higest quality and build standard. Due to the nature of these BB they can be used at any Airsoft Site in the UK who uses Bio-BB, making them a great buy for any Airsoft Skirmisher visiting such a site.


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